The Gallery at Firehouse Square will connect you with its focus on maritime art, with the coastal and inland waters, the ocean, and representational art depicting the splendor of the natural world. The Gallery at Firehouse Square was founded in 2009 as New London’s only gallery offering maritime antiquities and art from the 19th century to the present. It is a treasure trove of maritime history, an artistic collective where emerging artists and art students find the kind of support necessary to showcase their vivid new talents, as well as a space in which to hold a very special event. There is a wide variety of art for sale and so much to see and experience at  The Gallery at Firehouse Square. It is our goal to make art accessible to everyone – young and old, students, Connecticut residents and visitors to New London, boaters and sea lovers, collectors, and more.

From historical maritime artifacts, antique nautical maps, original oils on canvas and board.  We have  original historic sketches to contemporary artworks in a multitude of media, from paintings to sculptures, photography, jewelry, and hand-carved waterfowl decoys.   You are certain to find the perfect piece to add to your own art collection or as a unique gift.

The Gallery at Firehouse Square is comprised of two galleries-within-a-gallery, each with its own distinct personality and flavor.


The works collected in the Firehouse Gallery are an eclectic mix curated by longtime Connecticut resident, John S. Johnson. The collection is comprised of his 40 years of world travels, street fairs, visiting other art galleries, and The Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. The nautically themed works collected in the Gallery greets visitors to the Gallery. They range from detailed paintings from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries of shipyards, military vessels, and ships under both sail and power to sculptures of aquatic life and coastal terrestrial fauna.

If asked to define the underlying theme of his choices, John would likely reference his lifetime on the water. John’s passion for the sea is in part due to being an avid boater along with his entrepreneurial career with strong ties to the maritime industry. Its no surprise that John has a love for a ship’s symmetry and his patriotic feelings the paintings of military vessels engender. Come visit and admire the vast array of maritime art at the Gallery at Firehouse Square soon!